Intentional Living is acknowledging our potential for growth & change.
Intentional Living is recognizing our capacity to effectively address our issues and problems.
Intentional Living is aligning our steps to be more congruent with our principles.
Intentional Living is engaging more fully in our intimate relationships.
Intentional Living is being open to the adventure of life!


Intentional living…perhaps these words are indeed extending an invitation to us all to come home to our human potential to truly live life. These two powerful words suggest that we can choose a deliberate and purposeful approach to experiencing life in its fullness. Intentional living issues a reminder that we can make a choice to take life on versus being taken over by the challenges life can bring. This style of living proposes that we have the capacity to honestly appraise ourselves, to become more conscious of the choices we make, and to actively choose the manner in which we will walk our path.

Relying on these beliefs as the foundational philosophy of our practice in marriage and family therapy, we chose to name our therapeutic and educational business Intentional Living. For over twenty years in private practice, we have continually been exposed to the strength of the human spirit in its search for meaning and purpose. It has been our privilege to work with individuals, couples, and numerous dedicated groups in exploring their own level of intentionality. Here we have continually witnessed the human capacity to grow beyond who we presently are and to enhance our relationships with others. Growing in intentionality fosters our potential to effectively address our issues and problems and to bring creative answers to the questions life will pose.

Becoming more intentional in our living is a process that requires time, energy, and practice for us all. While it is an inherent component of our human potential, it is a way of life that will not emerge without our proactive attempt to embrace its emphasis. We invite you to consider your desires for your life and to explore our services to determine if we can offer you ways to encourage your own intentional living. Feel free to explore this website for more information or to contact us directly should you have additional questions.

WELCOME HOME! May we each pledge to more fully embrace our potential for intentional living!