Our Staff


Dana K. Taylor, Ph.D., LMFT

It has been my joy and privilege to work as a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 30 years. I believe that it was my early life experiences that propelled me into this field and resulted in my completion of three degrees in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University.  I have had the joy of teaching with this same university, both undergraduate and graduate students, where I am constantly in awe of the vast expansion of the self that the academic world can evoke. My passion is honoring the therapeutic process with another as it unfolds within them, encouraging steps both small and large towards intentionally living. My current therapeutic emphases include couples' relational and sexual issues, life transitions, spiritual growth, and personal or relational development. I always relish the opportunity to share wisdom that this work with clients has taught me, believing their truths offer inspiration to us all. To this end, I welcome the privilege to offer my experience and my (hopefully) ever-growing knowledge as an invited speaker or presenter of the human developmental process.


Kary S. Reid, Ph.D., LMFT

KaryI received my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists in May, 1992, and completed my doctorate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University in August, 1993. I continued my academic relationship with my alma mater as an Adjunct Assistant Professor and part-time instructor teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in such topics as family studies, marriage and family therapy, and human sexuality.  This affiliation with Texas Tech University included serving as Director of Clinical Training for the Marriage and Family Therapy Program from September, 2000, until December, 2004, at which time I decided to return to full-time private practice with my wife, Dana.  My current therapeutic emphases include couples' relational and sexual issues, adult individuals' personal growth, and divorce collaboration and co-parenting strategies.

We consider ourselves true partners in all endeavors, both personal and professional. We look forward to any opportunity to work with couples as a co-therapy team, and feel soulfully fed when we get to experience each other as co-facilitators of workshops, seminars, and retreats. We have been growing our marriage for over 28 years and share three adult married children and one grandson. When not journeying with clients, you will almost always find us outdoors hiking, biking, gardening, or maybe even geocaching. We treasure those rare opportunities to retreat with our grown family or to experience quiet weekends at home, just the two of us.

Our Facilities

In welcoming you home to begin exploring your capacity for intentional living, we welcome you to our home. In 2007, we elected to move our offices from a traditional business space into a residential setting which we feel offers a greater level of intimacy and privacy. Feedback from our clients, many of whom we worked with at our previous location, seems to indicate that following that intuition was a good choice - both for our clients as well as for ourselves. We hope you will find our facilities to your liking should you decide to arrange for a free initial consultation that will offer you the opportunity to experience this setting for yourself.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our facilities with you.  Providing services out of a home-based office presents some distinctive differences as compared to an office located in a business or medical setting.  We will do everythingwe can to make your visit comfortable and conducive for your therapeutic work with us.

Due to the absence of a reception room, we ask that you arrive no more than five (5) minutes early for your appointment in order to allow the clients(s) ahead of you ample time to leave.  Please don't ring the doorbell; instead, come in the front door and go directly to your therapist's office.

In order to maintain a boundary between our professional and personal facilities, we ask that you not enter any other portion of our home via a closed door.  Restroom facilities are available so please don't hesitate to ask.  In addition, we ask that you not visit our home except during your scheduled appointment time.  If you feel you are in a crisis and must speak with one of us immediately, please call our office telephone number, 806-794-1336, and follow the instructions for notifying us via our emergency cell phone.