Intentional Living provides a variety of therapeutic, educational, and consultative services designed to facilitate a more deliberate and effective approach to life. A more detailed description of the services we offer may be accessed by clicking on the specific topic of interest below.

Therapeutic Services

Our approach to therapy is not that we as human beings are broken and in need of repair, but that we are all on a journey toward greater wholeness with stumbling blocks which challenge our progress. Therapy provides an opportunity to better understand ourselves, to identify the reasons for our areas of challenge, and to determine means through which these challenges can be addressed. Within the context of a safe and respectful environment, therapy can symbolically represent a pro-active decision made to honor our self and our relationships in the midst of the busyness of life. At Intentional Living we believe that each of has the right and responsibility to determine what goals therapy will hold for us. Our role as therapist is to develop an appropriate plan to foster the achievement of those goals. Should you elect to pursue your therapeutic goals with Intentional Living, we will work side by side with you to discover the emerging answers to the questions you explore.

Educational Services

It is our belief at Intentional Living that we are always works in process. Our years of teaching university students and working with clients have convinced us that as human beings our potential for growth and change is far greater than we have imagined. We each have the opportunity to foster this process within us and between us, or we can choose to remain stationary in our present status quo. We count it a privilege to honor some of what we have learned from our clinical experience by sharing topically relevant materials with interested groups. We believe that we can offer stimulating and inspirational presentations created to address personal, professional, and relational development. Each educational presentation can be tailored to meet your group's specific needs with the designed intent to promote psychological, spiritual and/or corporate health. Out of respect for our scheduled clients seen Tuesday-Thursday, these educational services are only made available Friday-Monday.

Consultative Services

There are circumstances in which a more objective, outside perspective can be facilitative toward achieving desired goals.Intentional Living can offer three types of consultative services offering a fresh look at responding to present circumstances. Our involvement can range from a one-time exploration of the area of concern or can be arranged on an on-going basis until the completion of the designated goal is achieved. We have received specific training in these areas of consultation and we believe in the positive impact each has to offer when appropriately applied.