Consultative Services

Corporate Dynamics

Our workplace is, in many ways, one of the more complex intimate relationships we will ever help to form.  Incorporating a variety of personalities, lifestyles, and communication patterns, we are challenged to formulate a team dedicated to the collective accomplishment of a set of goals. Whatever role we play in that team, we will be stretched to consistently bring the best of ourselves to that environment day after day. We will be challenged, as well, to integrate the various uniquenesses represented into an integrated whole. To that end, Intentional Living offers consultation to analyze existing corporate dynamics as well as to promote changes that can enhance team development.   By conducting confidential interviews with employees to identify problematic issues in the workplace, we can design restorative processes to address employee behavioral issues and create problem-solving strategies for the leadership to utilize in addressing corporate issues.  These corporate dynamics consultations have been previously provided to health care institutions, counseling centers, retail merchandisers, ministerial communities, as well as academic and research teams. Intentional Living can also offer assistance to groups in addressing job stress, provisions for self-care, effective communication, sexual harassment, and work related trauma issues all of which, when unaddressed, can negatively impact job performance.

Collaborative Divorce

Much of our therapeutic energies at Intentional Living are spent assisting couples to strengthen their relationship with one another. We realize, however, that there are certainly times when repair of a relationship is not possible, and with that realization, one party or both, may determine that a divorce is necessary. Collaborative divorce provides an alternative to a litigated dissolution of the marriage, allowing the couple, accompanied by a trained professional team, to mutually and respectfully craft their own divorce. This style of resolution allows a couple to honor the best parts of their history together while acknowledging that the relationship no longer sustains them.  Especially when children are a product of the marriage, this style of divorce offers a more gracious ground from which two people can continue to work effectively as co-parents. New forms of communication can begin to be established while the specifics of the divorce agreement are being explored.  Research data indicates that this style of divorce does promote a more positive interactional style between the divorcing parties, tends to require less money, and is typically completed in less time than litigated cases.

As trained and active members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas (, our role is to help facilitate the communication process while following the Collaborative Law protocol. Working in conjunction with attorneys and financial advisers who have also been trained in this method, our goal is to help facilitate a divorce experience which minimizes the antagonistic atmosphere that is often characteristic of the typical litigated divorce.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching affords us the opportunity to work one-on-one with corporate managers and administrators in developing effective leadership and organizational skills and strategies. Coaching provides a safe environment through which an executive can build a greater level of personal discovery and self awareness. Utilizing the structure, support, and feedback of coaching, the executive can channel his/her energies in creative ways into the workplace. Goals are generated and objectives strategized with a corresponding timeline, encouraging continual progressive movement toward designated ideals. A coaching relationship, as well, offers a confidential place for senior leadership to safely process with a trained professional the demanding decisions that they face on a daily basis. Coaching sessions are generally conducted via telephone but may be supplemented with occasional fact-to-face visits as schedules allow.