Educational Services

Topical Presentations

It was during our years of university teaching that we became aware of our enjoyment of speaking to a group of individuals pursuing a common goal. Topics relevant to your particular group can be incorporated into brief presentations (30 minutes-1.5 hrs.) that can conveniently fit into formats for professional organization meetings, banquet celebrations, community group gatherings, staff meetings, continuing education credits for LMFTs, MSWs, LPCs, as well as any type of focused group education. We will work with your designated personnel to direct our planning so as to meet the needs your group. Some of the topical presentations we have previously offered include:

  • Talking to Your Children About Sex
  • Effectively Managing Your Stress
  • Facing a Diagnosis of Cancer
  • Coping with Workplace Tragedy
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Building Strong Families
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • The Illusion of Perfection
  • Accepting the Mystery of Life
  • Dealing with People who Push Your Buttons

We invite you to contact us for more detailed information regarding these and other topical presentations.

Workshops and Seminars

Intentional Living offers a variety of workshops and seminars designed to encourage the development of personal and professional intentionality. These formats have been utilized by various groups including corporate management teams, marriage enrichment pursuers, active recovery participants, selected faith communities, as well as mental health care professionals. By meeting with selected representatives who can identify any unique interests or concerns a group may have, we can construct a workshop or seminar that effectively addresses those needs.

Seminar formats are typically more didactic in structure, exposing participants to topical information that is relevant to their particular circumstances, providing opportunity for some general discussion, and facilitating the exploration of relevant questions and answers together. This style tends to be utilized in a larger group setting. Workshops tend to be more experiential in nature, inviting participants to become personally involved through prepared exercises, workbooks, individual reflective time, and small group processing. Workshop formats tend to lend themselves more easily to smaller groups, although there are ways to adapt this structure for a larger audience. Workshops and seminars are typically structured to fit a 3-6 hour time frame including designated breaks. A partial list of previously offered workshop and seminar topics includes:

  • The Path to Intimate Connection
  • Exploring Spiritual Sexuality
  • Speaking/Listening from Your Heart:  Communication with Integrity
  • Honoring Your Grief
  • Living with Integrity
  • Principled Parenting
  • Our Partner as Mirror to the Self
  • Seven Sacred Strategies for Building Effective Families

Intentional Living is recognized by the Texas State Department of Health Services as  providers of continuing education units (CEUs) for the professions of Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Social Workers, enabling us to present on numerous topics that encourage our continued growth as effective professionals. Our extensive list of CEU credited topics include, but is not limited to:

  • Ethical Considerations
  • The Amazing Journey of Sexual Abuse Survivors and Their Partners
  • Structuring Effective Therapeutic Separations
  • Helping Families to Blend
  • Healing from Infidelity
  • Couples in Recovery Together
  • Compassion Fatigue:  The Wounded Healers
  • What Our Clients are Teaching Us

Additional information regarding these and other workshops and seminars is available by contacting us via telephone or email.


We find it a privilege to design a retreat that will honor the needs of a designated group. A typical structure provides for a break from the daily demands of life, an opportunity to refuel the self, and a motivational or problem-solving segment addressing goals for the collective group. Retreats are typically conducted in a cloistered environment with participants encouraged to remain solely within the group for the duration of the designated time. This format is more effective when arranged in a location away from the workplace or hometown of the participants whenever possible.  However, we have facilitated retreats in a variety of flexible settings. Topics of some of the past retreats we have facilitated have included:

  • Soulful Integrity:  Seeking Balance in Our Doing and Our Being
  • The Wounded Healers:  Our Need for Compassionate Self-Care
  • The Spiritual Journey Along the Yellow Brick Road
  • Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life
  • Stepping Into the Great Mystery
  • We Are the Beloved
  • Becoming Real:  Living into the Process

We invite you to call us (806-794-1336) for a more detailed discussion of ideas to help create a refueling and restorative experience that can further your group's process of actualizing their potential.